Rugby Sevens Kick-off

There is a magic that descends on Hong Kong around 7’s time. Visitors start to book your sofa. Work ramps up and interest takes the down escalator. Kids plan costumes, adults plan costumes. People you never thought would, wear costumes they wish they never had. You see your bank manager wearing a maniki or your local Starbucks server wearing a tutu and crown and HE has never smiled like that when you ordered your morning latte.
Ah the ‘Sevens” – Hong Kong’s nod to liberation, freedom of expression, patriotism, national pride, over indulgence of alcohol and unfettered schmoozing for tickets and best seats.

New Zealand and SA, UK and Aus as the usual top four have slunk down in the hustings and while they may still carry out the cup, USA and Canada and Japan ( even Hong Kong)  have risen and up has risen the party atmosphere that comes from underdogs winning. Music and rugby, meeting old friends and cheering on Hong Kong and Kenya and hearing the drums of Samoa and the vuvuzelas of the South Africans in the South Stand. Seeing monkeys and madonnas smooching and feeling the camaradarie of a crowd of 45,000 fans who put aside all worldly worry to enjoy a mix of social and culture and sport cocktails ( get your hangover cures ready)

We don our war paint – mine is a mix of my own heritage ( Born in Fiji, from NZ, living in HKG with UK/NZ kids) I have it covered. Black and Black and Blue and Red and White and … its a kaleidescope of fantastic fun.

I suggest you get a ticket if you can and come to the big Gweilo Party – every taxi driver knows where to go!


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