Paddling Dragons

1431594119808_RHKYC2_469653We are very excited in our office as Nikki Green our South-side residing consultant is sharpening up her blades for tomorrow’s Dragon Boat Festival.
The festival kicks off at Stanley and there are races all over Hong Kong.
Nikki races as a member of the RHKYC Royal X team of over 100 on the roster but tomorrow she will be one of four crews, 90 paddlers including 46 men and 37 women; its a long day and if lucky they will race 3.5 minutes !! In 270 meters there is only one thing on their mind – EVERYTHING!  Thats the catch cry of team captain Melissa who doesn’t take prisoners and if you are still standing and can talk you clearly haven’t put it in!!
Nikki’s captain asked them to remember the mistakes they WON’T be making – clearly a day when nerves are overruled by courage, guts and determination to keep the cup in the club. As defending champs these teams are tenacious.

So Nikki and team – all the best
If our agents at Locations can still breathe after viewing with you – they haven’t shown you enough? Hmmmm. At least we can say we have stamina.

Its a gorgeous day in HK for a paddle or to spectate this annual spectacular from a vantage on a boat or on the shore – the festivities are something HK’ers look forward to.



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