BORING Blog Detail


Who said a BLOG about being a Real Estate Agent needed to be boring!!
I’m Megan – aka passionate and energetic and driven. ( oh and I do PROPERTY)!

Thats it???? No – but that’s all you get on property – the rest is about why I choose Hong Kong.

I came here 24 years ago – an economic MIGRANT ( see that page on Humans of Hong Kong)
I stayed – and the rest is history. I LIVE in Hong Kong. It hasn’t been easy. A variety of locations, budgets, arrangements and the addition of children ( more about them later – I’m a PROUD Mom) has all been educating in the GEOGRAPHICAL sense. I don’t speak Chinese and I don’t plan to learn, though I feel guilty about it and I did try once and got to a point of being able to discuss the purchase of a melon in Mandarin. I do listen carefully if that counts. And I can COUNT in Chinese if that counts!

Becoming a Real Estate agent was a gift – I’ve become familiar with every corner and every crevice of wonderful homes in HK. I have learned to navigate the needs of my clients in a landscape of realities in Asias world city. From clients who aspire to the giddy heights of the Peak to those on budgets too tight to afford a shoebox let alone the comfort they enjoy in their home countries –  we have managed miracles! I have redecorated, refurnished, and become adept at giving advice on buying beds, importing beagles, having BABIES and bearing the stresses of international relocation. My clients have become my FRIENDS.

I help people. People who, like me, had to arrive, LEASE a home and settle in, and who, LIKE ME came to ….LOVE Hong Kong. In my earlier years in Hong Kong I founded The FLAME TREE, and opened three home furnishing stores so why not look at property from the inside out? I endured sourcing and contracting and styling homes so WHY NOT SELL THEM? I have educated all my children in Hong Kong in different systems so why not talk about EDUCATION and SCHOOLING? I have eaten and art galleried and waterskiied ( thats maybe an exaggeration – I have tried waterskiing).  I’ve never climbed Lantau Peak but I have a shack beneath it on Cheung Sha Beach. I have a passion for dripping wall trees but not for hugging them. I overdo dim sum and tea at the Mandarin but I detest blood pudding and Shark Fin and I love Hong Kong in a typhoon. Especially a Number 10! I have lived and loved Hong Kong through three Number 10 TYPHOONS so why not talk about LIVING and LOVING Hong Kong?

So why  do I feel a need to do this and not just talk about my job?? ( the one we are not talking about as a Real Estate Agent)
I have loved Hong Kong and I have seriously wanted to leave it… and I have got over that. I have made thousands of friends here – some who have passed on (RIP) and some who have passed through (Sayonara) and thanks to Facebook I get to keep all of them when they leave. I’m passionately against anyone spending a moment in Hong Kong and not loving it.

Hong Kong – if you are here for a moment or a lifetime you SHOULD LOVE IT!

I hope you like my blog… and if you don’t, then I hope you talk about it. I heard people spread bad publicity faster – so I hope it works.

Come along for my ride.


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