Saikung Soul

As a Real Estate Agent and a resident of HK, I have a long term relationship with Saikung. I started The Flame Tree and Flame Tree Rugs there, held a few exhibitions and became known for The Christmas Carols By Candlelight event. I specialised in Saikung and Clearwater Bay real estate and I’ve done some time at Steamers Bar as a local – (before it was taken over as Starbucks)  I’ve watched Saikung not change significantly over 20+ years.

Of course I have witnessed bad village house policy, degradation of the Country Parks, traffic build up and a proliferation of new Real Estate Agents ( a whole street of them in fact) but what I see surviving in Saikung is a SOUL. Its still possible to wander the town and see the personalities that have made Saikung a thriving small business community. Service with a soul is rare in Hong Kong, and knowing Saikung as well as I do, I see it less and less in Real Estate. The old days of your friendly neighbourhood Real Estate may  be gone but I count a few real estate agents in Saikung not as competition but as co-operating friends. We meet, we greet with a kiss on the cheek, we swap notes on housing and we serve our clients with integrity. A few of us really do know how to work with our clients to find the perfect home. I’m so glad to be able to work in Saikung.

Spending a day photographing Saikung property is always terrifically inspiring. The houses of Saikung have personalities as different as people looking to live in them.
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There is so much to offer families in the area – beaches, rugby, art lessons, boating, restaurants, bars, kids play areas, bookshops, country park walks, cows, markets and the rare opportunity to iive in a village of Tanka people and understand some of the wonderfully colourful culture that abounds….and then there is always just a chance to lease a great piece of real estate, make a HOME and LIVE a life that is natural and normal – just like HOME.

Locations - making our Hong Kong your home
Locations – making our Hong Kong your home
Locations - Stunning home for lease
Locations – Stunning home for lease