Humans of Hong Kong

There’s a fuss about a lion shot by a dentist.
Shocking images of a child’s lifeless body washed a shore on a beach in Turkey. Nepalese living in tents after losing their homes in an earthquake. Refugees in trains and in boats being turned away from freedom and images of devastation in Bangkok bombings are invading my living space. More shockingly – to ME, is the fact that I can’t FEEL anything. Nothing means anything any more. I wonder if I’ve been cocooned or just assimilated into a materialistic mass that Hong Kong has been maligned as. I decide to test my theory. That my soul exists.
I have a Friday dinner date with friends from Government – heavily involved and high up in conservation policy posts and we meet at Eye Bar. None of us has ever been and we have all been in Hong Kong upwards of 20 years. WHERE have we BEEN!! OK so EYE BAR ( wasn’t here 20 years ago but OH MY its here now !!! I am mesmerised – at once struck by a sense that here above my city I can see and feel wealth, dreams, and an “I can do anything” attitude. The view is breathtaking…  I can reach out and touch gold as the laser light show sparkles across the harbour. I  FEEL alive, vibrant, sexy and lucky. We reminisce on the ‘old days of Tsim Sha Tsui. The drinks aren’t cheap but the peanuts are indescribable and addictive due to Sichuan peppers!

We down our cocktails and take the lift to the street. The corner of Nathan and Peking. A crossroad of East meets West and I am feeling the love in my 852. Jostled politely by ernest migrants trying to make a living –  Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Syrians and Somalians selling copy watches, ladies tailoring, hash and a good time ( wink wink) . Mainland Chinese with Chanel bags, a mother wrapped in black burka pushing a pink stroller and Indians chatting over chai in paper cups with colourful West Africans ( big bottomed girls with braids) and I can BREATHE. Wall trees cling to the rocks on the sides and humanity oozes by in a slow moving river, consumerising and communing.

Its a cacophony , a riot of colour, a stench and a sweat and a soul and a song… The air is thick with the humidity of summer and the scents of the streets and I can FEEL and I know I am home.  Home in my Hong Kong. Home in the 852

Come take the journey with me …FEEL Hong Kong.

Live, Lease LOVE Hong Kong