Rugby Sevens Kick-off

There is a magic that descends on Hong Kong around 7’s time. Visitors start to book your sofa. Work ramps up and interest takes the down escalator. Kids plan costumes, adults plan costumes. People you never thought would, wear costumes they wish they never had. You see your bank manager wearing a maniki or your local Starbucks server wearing a tutu and crown and HE has never smiled like that when you ordered your morning latte.
Ah the ‘Sevens” – Hong Kong’s nod to liberation, freedom of expression, patriotism, national pride, over indulgence of alcohol and unfettered schmoozing for tickets and best seats.

New Zealand and SA, UK and Aus as the usual top four have slunk down in the hustings and while they may still carry out the cup, USA and Canada and Japan ( even Hong Kong)  have risen and up has risen the party atmosphere that comes from underdogs winning. Music and rugby, meeting old friends and cheering on Hong Kong and Kenya and hearing the drums of Samoa and the vuvuzelas of the South Africans in the South Stand. Seeing monkeys and madonnas smooching and feeling the camaradarie of a crowd of 45,000 fans who put aside all worldly worry to enjoy a mix of social and culture and sport cocktails ( get your hangover cures ready)

We don our war paint – mine is a mix of my own heritage ( Born in Fiji, from NZ, living in HKG with UK/NZ kids) I have it covered. Black and Black and Blue and Red and White and … its a kaleidescope of fantastic fun.

I suggest you get a ticket if you can and come to the big Gweilo Party – every taxi driver knows where to go!


Mid-Autumn Mooncake Munchies

Ooh the annual mooncake munchathon is upon us and I am delighted to take a break from sugar free and totally healthy and join this most fun of festivals in Hong Kong.

Its a time we all watch the weather – is that Typhoon coming, or not, to rain on our parade? No apparently not this year!
Is there going to be a basket of candies and fruit to deliver – a few this year again and its a pleasure ( thanks to all our wonderful clients for supporting us)

And then there is the BIG debate – which is the best mooncake to buy, give or relish…Well this year I am going to put my neck on the line for the NO EGG, nutty, not so sweet cake as opposed to my collegues choices of mango centred chocolate mocchi or green tea snowy ones that melt before you eat them. As time goes by it seems the traditional two egg yoke cakes are disappearing – I have never liked them and I guess more Western tastes are creeping in. Soon we will see McDonalds making twoallbeefpattylettucecheesespecialsauceonasesameseedmooncake and then I reckon the west will have won and we can all go home… Thankfully this is not yet. We all live in  Asia and happy to participate in this cherished family activity.

Have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival with friends and family, relishing the love of your kin if not the mooncakes in your tin.


Is the world so horrible?

It hardly seems that I can turn on any form of media these days without learning of tragedy and horror and political extremism and naturally one forms a view – not always balanced. But just for a moment I am taking a breather and soaking up the happiness of diversity in a community in which I live. Its a multi racial, international, religiously varied vegetable patch of tastes and temperatures, and for some its a hot bed of complaint or compassion.

Recently my small community (Lantau where I live) social media Facebook page has been a venting opportunity for anti religious, racist comments and more than a few accusations even backed up with shaming photos. But having been fairly disgusted by some of the comments shared I have refrained from comment. Others have been less restrained. Tempers have flared.

Slowly, I have begun to witness a turn of the tide. People seem to be fed up with a diet of racism and divide and they are fighting back with love. The people I live near are reaching out to each other and showing support to anyone who dares to stand up to a deeply troubling undercurrent of hatred. Bigotry and bullying are being banished!!

The moderators of our social media site have been admonished for not moderating. People have been thrown out and the community has reasserted itself as a safe and loving place.

How long will it be before the world rejects hatred and distrust?
So grateful to live in Hong Kong – feeling safe, being able to bring up my family with values of self awareness and respect, and knowing my community has my back, regardless of colour or creed. And if they don’t – they are learning. Progress not perfection.

Summer Exodus


Its that time of year again. The annual flight of the expat species that finds itself in a place that isn’t home, roosting in lofty heights, succumbing to social habits it had to first learn and eating a diet that just isn’t what it grew up with. So the annual ‘go home’ journey is a chance to reconnect with family, friends, food habits and breathe the air of familiarity. Or is it?
My personal ‘home’ is no longer where I came from 23 years ago, and while I relish a bit of Kiwi fare I no longer need it to feel comfortable.

This summer I have already taken a trip across from Siberia to Beijing on the train, and for a few days that monotonous humm and jiggle gave me  pause to reflect on exactly what part of home I miss.
Beijing – Family, comfort and food. Mongolia – sheep and green. Siberia – clear skies and fresh lakes.
Done, recharged … and all on my doorstep a little north of Hong Kong.

I wish all of the home travellers a happy summer and safe travel back to Hong Kong refreshed and ready to tackle the flurry to find a house, get kids settled back to school, make up for lost time and get ready to plan Christmas and Thanksgiving travel. I’m home for the summer if anyone is passing through.

We are very busy at Locations – so many families coming and going over summer.
Let me know if you need our help with finding a new home to roost in !!!



Sarah’s Story

Get your running shoes on to catch our fun loving Agent- Sarah. Her personal logo includes her Saikung Magazine as she covers the area, and our HIGH ENERGY Sarah needs fuel so she brings it along with her in varied snacks. Her British roots are pasted over the McVities digestives she shares with colleagues. Sarah has a buzz of energy that caught our designers imagination – you will soon see Sarah buzzing around Saikung on the side of a mini bus!! Trust US – Its our TRUTH.